Friday, November 6, 2009

The Ball and the Unreal Development Kit

Alright, time for a new post.
Yesterday Epic Games surprised us all with the announcement of the Unreal Developer Kit. While that alone is already really awesome, I'm also incredibly proud to tell anyone who's reading this that along with the UDK there is also a real Demo version of The Ball now. So if you don't know it yet or want a playable sneak peek (TBS-Atica) at what's to come with our next release, Cahua, head over to this page and download it!

In other news - we also finally released an updated version of vol. 4 of the Community Pack 3! So while you're downloading a lot of Unreal Goodness why not download this version as well? After all, we've fixed a bunch of problems people have been pointing out and now these maps are even better than before :D