Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Ball News and a couple of screenshots

Okay, it's been kind of a long time and you probably know this already BUT there's this new screenshot of something we're working on for the upcoming stand-alone release of The Ball (and this particular scene even shows the part I'm working on at the moment):

I think it's not yet time to release too much information about this section but that might just follow soon :)

And btw - if you like The Ball, go vote for us here:

or here:


Apart from that I've been working on some other stuff as well. For example there's a finished deathmatch map called DM-Phera (which I'm not sure to release as it is or keep for use with a future CBP...). I felt kinda nostalgic one day and thought it'd be cool to have a map that bears some resemblance to the original Unreal/Unreal Tournament. Very simple Morbias-like layout.

To take nostalgia even further I used Hourences' Unreal Sky for UT3 and since it still wasn't enough I recreated the Nali Healing Fruit from the original Unreal to replace the standard health pickup (custom model and uscript).

Also, here's a part of a Capture the Flag map called CTF-Ilya. Actually this is the background of the map which was the initial idea:

That's it for now. See you later! :)