Monday, October 11, 2010

The Ball Release Date and The Unnamed Map

So 1 month after my last post I decided it was time to do a little update.

First of all, The Ball is finally gonna be released on October 26th!!! That's for the Steam platform.
Retail dates may vary. Germany for example will get it retail on Novermber 5th.
I'm really happy I can now officially tell people about this.
And while we're at it - look at the previews we got as well!

In other news, I'm still working on The Unnamed Map. This one will be released in two versions! The first one will be a Deathmatch version:

The other, way more colored version will be a Capture the Flag map:

This one will feature a slightly changed layout a completely new environment and will hopefully be done soon. I'd say I'm like 70% done with this now. The DM version is practically done but needs some more flashy effects. Be sure to come back soon for more news on these =)