Monday, November 8, 2010

The Unnamed Map + DM-Samosa

Constant reader (scnr),

the map I have introduced you to in one of the recent posts has experienced a change! It now has a name. Both versions do, actually. The DM version will be called DM-Suraj and the CTF version will be CTF-Andhera.
The interesting bit that you will most likely not know is that CTF-Andhera was originally the name of a map I had planned to release along with the CBP3 vol 4 but never got finished. It had a completely different layout and style even though the background was pretty much the same.

Apart from that, I have almost finished a smaller project. I only started this one because I felt like making a map but didn't have access to my desktop computer. I'm still moving in with my girlfriend so there was this one week where I could only work on things on my notebook. The result is DM-Samosa:

This will probably be released later this week. At least I hope I will get around to finishing this until thursday. Got some nice input from Spoondog which I think I will combine with some of my own ideas and then it should be done =)